Gerber PEVA Waterproof Pants 12-18 mo…

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busymom123 Not helpful at all!! I used it on my 3 year old over his new underwear & then he told me he was "wet", wow when I went to change him a whole puddle ran down his leg onto my carpet!! Where was the help in that!!

ucscooby gerber need go back old plastic pants use make alot better made . these newer pants dont last rip to easy .

dont why gerber use cheap plastic . plastic pants made before great need bring up size for toddler

sjharrowa I bought these while I was potty training my daughter. The disposable training pants gave her such a rash, so I opted to try potty training the old-fashioned way. We had a couple of accidents in the car seat and in the bed, so I decided I needed something to help out. These were SO hard to find! But, luckily, Kmart had them, and they've worked out great! She's now in 'big girl' underwear, except at bedtime! The only complaint I have is that because they are waterproof, the material isn't very breathable. Even if she doesn't have an accident at nap time, she wakes up damp from all the moisture these pants hold in. But, overall, worth every penny!


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Gerber PEVA Waterproof Pants 12-18 mo…

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